Comprehensive HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT that's made for people

An engaging human capital is an asset for every organization. However, this asset needs efficient maintenance as well as effective retention in order to meet your business goals and objectives. To address this business endeavor, Spine Technologies has configured a highly comprehensive system which is flexible enough to meet your needs now and adaptable enough for future by
integrating seamlessly with an ecosystem of different HR activities.

Spine HR Suite simply helps HR teams to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve productivity across the entire employee lifecycle.

One Unified Solution


Automatic Upgrades

Unsurpassed integration

Ultimate Convenience

Powerful technology

Selfie Attendance

Spine offers Next-Gen Real time Contactless Technology and Secured Communication


Scale Up & Transform Organization Hierarchy and Process Flow.

Leave Management

Automate Leave transaction Adhering To policy.

Expense Management

Settle Expense Vouchers through Digital Way.

Helpdesk Management

Digitized ear to your employee's voice!

Spine EIS & Payroll

Automates your human resource management process.

Employee Life Cycle

Recognizes stages in employee's career path to assist their manager/ management and optimize associated processes.

Time Attendance Management

Track & Manage workforce Clock In and Clock Out.

Training and Induction Management

Discover & Nurture Skills with Learning Route and Roster.

Travel Request Management

Manage travel planner as per Travel Policy.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Interactive interface with which important data can be self extracted.

Spine HR Mobile

Allow employees to access their data anytime from anywhere when they need it and trace them with Geo tagging.

Claims / Reimbursement

High-tech Way To Raise/ Reimburse Claims Approvals.

Performance Management System (PMS)

Evaluate & Appraise Employee Performance to Faster Growth.

Timesheet Management

Capture & Monitor the productive time devoted on each project.


Spine Genie: Your wish is her command

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Spontaneous Response
  • Logical Conversation Sequence
  • Simultaneous Communication
  • Saves Time


  • Assesses and utilize your human resource potential completely
  • Increases the operational efficiency and productivity of your HR department
  • Reduces HR administrative costs and focuses on employees
  • Meets compliance and audit requirements
  • Improves employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Ensures seamless flow of information between the employees
  • Fosters insightful decisions with better workforce analytics
  • Ensures statutory compliance and helps avoid risk with government regulations and reporting
  • Integrates with all the devices – Desktop, Tablet and Mobile


A unified solution involving an end-to-end suite crafted to manage the entire life cycle of an employee within one integrated system


A solution that will ensure no obsolescence of technology as well as no disruption of business operations with constant upgrades and zero additional cost.


The ultimate tool that take care of the 360-degree yet end-to-end strategic processing of Human Capital


An architected system that adapts to any-size business and industry, catering the change in the working dynamics of the HR department


The system covers the entire scope of different modules like finance, accounting and ERP etc. deployed, into an integrated solution that enables business process seamless


An ultrapower-packed system that perfectly complies by the latest state-of-art-technology, supporting HR processes efficiently as well as effectively


  • Define Workflow
  • Multi-level approvals
  • Auto escalation
  • Cross Approver
  • Work Transfer
  • Multi Stage Approval
  • Value/Time Based Escalation
  • Holistic View of Transaction
  • Admin Super-cede: Direct Approach


Smiling throughout the entire payroll cycle

  • Know Your Personnel
  • Multi Arrears & Supplementary
  • Form 16/Form 24Q
  • Loan & Leave
  • Integration with Tally/ERP/ Attendance System
  • Single URL For Multiple Companies
  • Digital Document Repository
  • Pay Commission Complaint
  • Reimbursement
  • Salary Reconciliation & Comparison
  • Info-graphics
  • Define combination of Calculations
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Easy Excel Uploads
  • Letter Writing Tool
  • Compound Annual Growth Report


Country is independent, so should be your Employees

  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • Updated Employee Information
  • Investment Document Submission
  • Photo Gallery
  • View Payslip/ IT Projection
  • Take a Poll
  • Org Chart
  • Submission / Approval: Personal Documents
  • SOX Compliant Password
  • Events & Announcements
  • Leave/Loan/ Reimbursement Ledger
  • Employee Directory


Approve Leaves maintaining the melody of work

  • Leave Planner
  • Encash Leave
  • Leave Application
  • Adjust Leave
  • Linkage with Payroll
  • LTC Status
  • Substitute Nomination
  • Configure Strenuous Leave Policy
  • Graphical HR Dashboard


Tik Tok On The Clock, Lucid integration… NO ROADBLOCK

  • Shift Master
  • OT Planning/ Apply/Approve
  • Real time Integration
  • HOD Substitution
  • Mark in & Mark Out
  • Selfie Attendance
  • Auto Attendance Email Trigger
  • Advanced Report Utility
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Employe Shift Roster
  • Geo Tagging & Geo Fencing
  • Weekly Off / Holiday Mapping


From Ahoy! Welcome Aboard…To Dasvidanya

  • Paper Less Onboarding
  • Organizational Development
  • Employee Development
  • Separation Management
  • Confirmation Review
  • Employee Surveys Employee
  • Experience Analysis
  • Career Development
  • Employee Retention


Invest…Claim…En Route to Save

  • Configure Claim Limits
  • Flexi Basket Configuration
  • Claims Applications
  • Claims with Supporting Documents
  • Approval & Audit of Attachments
  • Summary & Ledger statements


Mining For Diamonds in Coal Mine

  • Manpower Planning & Budget
  • Advanced Candidate Search Engine
  • CV Filter for Selection
  • Parsing Candidate Data
  • Feedback of Interview
  • Advance Checklist for New Entrant
  • Interview process Automation
  • Salary Parity & CTC Fitment
  • Cost Analysis for Hiring
  • Offer Letter Generation
  • Manpower Requisition Form with Approval
  • Define Job Description


Its never too late to learn

  • Training Planner
  • Feedback Review
  • Cancellation Notification
  • Calendar with Invitation
  • Training Attendance Reports
  • Training Evaluation
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Cost Analysis on Training
  • Faculty Review


Company’s Graph Raise is directly proportional to Employee Raise

  • Appraisal Planning
  • Moderation & Normalization
  • PIP or GAP Analysis to improvise performance
  • KRA/KPI/Goal Setup Library
  • Career Progression
  • Past performance historic data
  • Review & Appraisal through various levels
  • Succession Planning
  • Target V/S Achievement Monitoring


GO GREEN TO GIVE GREENS: no more vouchers & reminders

  • Define Dynamic Expense Limits
  • Apply Anytime Anywhere
  • Approval & Audit of Application
  • Apply with Supporting Docs
  • Projectwise/Groupwise Expense Analysis
  • Summary & Ledger of Expense Statements
  • GST Compliant
  • JV Interface with ERP/Accounting Software
  • Payoffs as per the cutoffs


Spread your wings to Success

  • Entitlement Matrix
  • Itinerary Planning
  • Approval From Management
  • Ability to upload Documents
  • Integration with Expense Module
  • Travel Booking Interface


Why only check Monetary ROI…Time ROI is also necessary!!

  • Project Master
  • Project Cost Booking
  • Real-time Attendance Integration
  • Weekly Time Sheet Submission
  • Project & Task Allocation
  • Auto Reminders on Defaulters
  • Time Effort Analysis


First Come, First Serve!

  • Reservations for Conference/Vehicle/etc
  • Proactive Resource Management
  • Check Resource Availability
  • Define Time Duration
  • Designation Wise Resource Rights


Hey!!! Stop running in a quest, just post a request

  • Request Category & Sub Category
  • Request Submission
  • Generate Trend Analysis
  • Timely Response & accountability
  • Escalation to respective hierarchy
  • Final clearance by User on closure


Stop with the yelps, just ask for help!

  • Query Submission
  • Whistle Blower
  • Comprehensive Log report
  • Responsive Effectiveness Monitoring


Speak Your Mind; comment, like, dislike

  • Open Forum For Discussion
  • Define Discussion Topic
  • Group/Department Right Allocation
  • Comment/Like/ Dislike Post
  • Supporting Document


Welcoming a Smiling Guest

  • Guest Arrival Request
  • Gate Pass Printing with Image
  • Visitor Exit
  • No Proxy Visitors
  • Streamlined Check in / Check out process
  • Comprehensive Visitor Analysis
  • Visitors Information
  • Visitor Material Tracking

Now, RECRUIT, ENGAGE and RETAIN Your Workforce Effectively!

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