Fixed Assets Management From Acquisition to Disposal


One of the largest and obvious Capital Investments most companies have is in their Property, Plant and Other Assets. So you are at right place to manage your Fixed Assets effectively.

Spine Assets is a complete and integrated solution that gives you an easy-to-manage sole-version of Asset Lifecycle Management.

Everything you need comes in one powerful, flexible, affordable Software. Gain better control over your organization’s valuable assets, reduce losses and theft, and store essential asset information. Accurate Depreciation calculation to adhere compliance.

Asset Assignment

Assign assets to custodians, employees, locations, branches , projects, departments and cost-centers to enforce accountability.

Service Contract Tracking

Be prepared when service contract reaches to its end dates for timely renewals with due reminders.

Ticketing & Helpdesk

The help desk guarantees timely assistance & prompt resolution of issues by defining and publishing their assured service levels.

Full Lifecycle History

Storing detailed asset information and financial history provides organizations with valuable data to enable business decision making.

Asset Bundling

Bundle asset and its components together for faster identification of parent and child components and allocate depreciation accordingly.

Compliance Tracking

Integrated regulatory compliance that establishes a single source of data for finance with the use of history to reinforce established guidelines.

Insurance Policies Tracking

Premiums could be reduced if the asset register is always kept up to date and it is easier to make a claim if you can provide proof.

Document Attachment

Attach photos, manuals, invoice, purchase information, warranty or service cards to each equipment leads to faster troubleshooting.

Lease Contract Management

Full leasing details including lease codes, accrual dates, descriptions and related asset codes can be added, viewed, or maintained easily.

Managing Non-Capitalized Assets

Keep an inventory of non-capitalized assets and record these items in the central asset register to maximize effective control and usage.

Repair & Maintenance Tracking

Manage repair requests to get equipment back & running to reduce downtime. Extend the life of the equipment by keeping it under warranty.

Assets Auditing

Gain better control of your fixed assets with accurate financial records to meet and surpass audit regulations.

Software License Management

Control and document the process of software license management to reduce license fees and curb illegal usage & problems associated.

Check-Out & Returns

Roaming of assets can be tracked by updating the asset register with details on when and whom each time an asset is issued and returned.

Instant Access

Frequent access to vast database from multiple devices, which translates to higher efficiency and speed on click of a button.


Budget, Acquire, Barcode, Transfer, Physical Verification, Dispose / Write-off, Depreciate, Revalue

  • Covers the entire company’s asset management lifecycle
  • Control all transactions like asset proposal, depreciation, creation, revaluation, disposal, transfer and split
  • Easily track depreciating or non-depreciating company assets
  • Instantly create assets based on unlimited asset categories and quick reporting
  • Use automated defaults for asset creation, depreciation and eventual retirement with minimal effort
  • Move and track assets from one location to another or from one subsidiary to another
  • Increase/decrease asset values through revaluation to reflect its current market value
  • Budgeted Vs. Asset acquired analysis
  • Complete custom Workflow & Query Desk…makes Maker-Checker process hassle-free


  • Multi-company
  • Easily track depreciable or non-depreciable assets
  • Highly flexible parameter to codify the asset with Barcode/QR codes
  • Asset status, history, and location for audits
  • Hierarchical asset arrangement
  • Identify parent/child relations and dependencies
  • Multiple Transaction types
  • Create separate Masters for Companies Act Groups, Income Tax Act Block
  • Full and partial disposals
  • Transfers, enhancements, cost adjustments
  • Revaluations and Asset splits
  • Standard and user-definable depreciation methods
  • Apply by asset, asset group, and period of account
  • Manage Historical periods
  • Automatic depreciation calculations with Full statutory compliance
  • Audit Trails via Asset History
  • User audit logs
  • Standard interfaces to spreadsheet and Accounting packages
  • Electronic document management
  • Manages cost-Breakups
  • Suite of standard reports & User-definable reports – Report Builder
  • Multiple Access Rights and Responsibilities allocation to users
  • Easy Replication of Assets / Components
  • Barcode Generation, Printing & Physical Verification


Provides ability to perform both live and offline audits.

  • Protect against lost or stolen assets
  • Gain better control of your asset base
  • Enhance the accuracy of financial records
  • Improve asset history & lifecycle planning
  • Interface for Barcode Reader
  • Variance between Actual & On-Record Assets


  • Asset Location/ Department/ Custodian Tracking – Access frequent, configurable updates on asset location and status with the click of a button.
  • Ensures that no assets get misplaced.
  • Quick and Easy Allocation
  • Ability to tag assets via the Barcode / QR Code


  • Improve cost control by reducing insurance premiums, extending asset lives, and comparing supplier performance
  • Improve asset acquisition, usage, and disposal processes with one version of the truth.
  • Avoid oversights by creating automated alerts for key events such as insurance renewal, warranty expiry, or replacement date.
  • Minimize delay in the event of an insurance claim.


  • A single fixed asset register enables effective management of complex depreciation
  • Automatic Depreciation calculation for any period or range of periods across multiple books.
  • User-definable analysis criteria by asset, asset group, cost centre, or accounting period.
  • Accurate data provides peace of mind.
  • Apply multiple depreciation methods against every asset for reporting calculations
  • Leverages complete flexibility to depreciate assets based on the right depreciation method
    • Companies Act
    • Income Tax Act
    • Management Act


  • Record each service log entry
  • Up-to-date service history
  • Maintain component-wise service records
  • Manage additional maintenance cost
  • Upcoming Service Due-Reminders / Auto alerts
  • Print Challan while sending assets to service providers with nature of problems
  • Maintain list of assets resided at service provider


  • Exploit Spine’s powerful fixed asset software to improve statutory compliance and accelerate year-end reporting
  • Create user-definable reports for any range of past, current, and future accounting periods, and include locations, type, supplier, and department.
  • Ability to sort, sequence, and filter reports by any user-defined fields.
  • Reports are viewable on screen, in PDF, printed or can be exported to MS Excel or other standard flat file formats.
  • Comprehensive dashboards


  • Asset Group Chart
  • Asset Master Chart
  • Asset Component Chart
  • Asset Block Master Report
  • Contact Masters Report for Location, Cost center, Vendor, Custodian, Service Provider


  • AMC / Warranty / Insurance/ Lease Expiry Report
  • Service Log Book
  • Asset Services Due Report
  • Advance Search / Contact Search
  • Reminders for AMC, Warranty, Insurance Service & Lease


  • Fixed Assets Schedule:
    • Companies Act
    • Income Tax Act
    • Management Act
  • Group wise Summary & detailed.
  • Detailed Depreciation Calculation:
  • Asset Group wise / Location wise / Cost Center wise
  • Depreciation Comparison Report for Current & Proposed Depreciation Method
  • Depreciation Comparison Report for Depreciation Percentage Change
  • Physical Verification Report
  • Journal Voucher


Asset Acquisition Report for:

  • Asset Group / Asset Block
  • Location / Cost Centre / Custodian
  • Service Provider / Vendor
  • Asset Disposal / Write off Report
  • Asset Component Transfer Report
  • Asset Re-location & Part Allocation Report
  • Market Value Report

Everything you need comes in one powerful, flexible, affordable Software.

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