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Every person in this world has a dream home, a structure that is not just visually pleasing, but a place that is brilliance in making. A house can be completely built, but a home is never really complete. Adding to your home is your responsibility, but making sure your house is tech savvy, that is something where we have a role to play. Impact Services provides you with the latest technology, varying from lighting to security to music.

Yes, you can have your favourite tracks playing in your room or the entire place, at once. The playlist that suits your mood is just a click away. Your home reflects your personality, and you can add to it by selecting your music. Our technology is of superior quality, so you will not have to worry about it at all. Lighting up your home, our technology assures you an experience that will be something to look forward to, always.

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Controlling the illumination according to how you want it to be, your home will be ready for a party or for a relaxed evening as and when you wish. The lights will not just save energy, but make your home look stylish and modern.

Something that many of us wish for, is an extra hour of sleep in the morning after a busy night. But drawing the curtains on such mornings feels like a tedious process. We have the technology to provide you with a little more sleep, with automatic controlling of the curtains and blinds at your home. Or, if you want to wake up early and not miss the

meeting, well, we can help with that as well. The technology that will open the blinds when it’s time to get up. Yes, we assist in providing you the best possible everyday solutions. Ensuring the best possible security of your loved ones is the first thing you would want at your home. We at Impact provide security solutions of the latest technology to make sure your home is safe and secure. Glass Break Detectors, PIR Detectors, ultrasound, window/ door sensors are some ways of ensuring your home remains protected. You can control them with your phones as well, and there will be no need to worry if no one’s there at home.

Maintaining the temperature is something that we can assist you with. Different seasons present different challenges, but we cannot do anything about the outside world. But, you can ensure a proper environment at your home, something that helps you relax. Don’t worry about the bills, because with our heating, cooling and air conditioning solutions, you will be saving some.

Your place of residence is something to be proud off, because it is a symbol of your hard work. We wouldn’t want our technology to steal your thunder or make your home look like a spacecraft. You can rest assured that everything that we do will be according to your house and its interiors, and it will all fit like pieces of a puzzle. Impact is there for all your residential needs, always.

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