Hospitality Solutions

Anyone who visits a hotel or a spa or a club will visit again if the place is hospitable. It is never just the service or just the staff or just the ambience that leads to a revisit, but it is the complete package of it all, that makes a visit worth it. Places that profit from providing an environment that is nothing less than perfect for the guests would always want to ensure that they never fail to keep up. It is always a good thing to become better at it, isn’t it? Impact provides solutions that never fail to impress. Our automation tools will ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, be it at a hotel or a spa. We aim to effectively utilize energy, while maintaining cost effectiveness at the same time. Our products ensure just that. A good example would be, electrical appliances automatically turning off once the room is unused.


Ensuring cost effectiveness and user friendliness at the same time, our automation techniques can be used in hotels, where everything from lighting to background audio can be controlled in not just the rooms, but the entire hotel.


For every restaurant, providing a complete experience is of utmost importance. Good food becomes great when you have an ambience that makes you feel good. Our automation tools ensure brilliant lighting and enjoyable musical experience, which can be controlled easily.

Bars and Clubs

Each and every guest who enters a club or a bar wants an experience that is worth their time and money. Maintaining the environment at such a place is a very tedious job, but one which we can perfect, with our automations solutions. You will have nothing to worry about, as the air conditioning, lighting and security solutions will all be in place.


A relaxed environment is essential to any spa, and to achieve that, using solutions that provide change in light intensity and colour or solutions that automatically play a predetermined playlist which can be further changed at will and maintain an ideal room temperature is the best way. We ensure that your guests leave with an unforgettable experience.

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