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The commercial sector is an ideal place for automation techniques, because of the sheer size of operations that are undertaken there. Whenever you enter a building which is solely used as an office space, you witness the amount of planning and execution that has gone into its making right in front of you. Commercial spaces are huge, and the cost of maintaining them is ever increasing. In such a situation, we at Impact can help you reduce costs whilst letting the luxurious factor remain.

Our products ensure energy saving and cost effectiveness, and are ideal for any commercial space, regardless of its size. In any commercial building, lighting and HVAC account for a large part of the expenditure, which is a good amount of capital being spent, along with a negative effect on the environment. Impact automation tools are an ideal solution in this regard, as they help to reduce expenditure considerably. Our products are efficient and effective, and add a certain charm and class to any such place.

Since everything is automated, you will not have to worry about lights that have remained switched in a building that has 50 floors. The system in place takes care of all that. If an area is unused, the lighting and HVAC automatically switches off.

To ensure efficient security of the building, Impact provides various tools such as glass break detectors to ultrasound sensors, and others to make sure safety is never compromised.

Overall, automation solutions are helpful in maintaining commercial spaces, without involving a large number of people or daily interactions. Everything is being done on its own, and if there are any problems, they are relayed through text message, email or via any mobile device to the end user.

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